BMW Is Top Selling Luxury Car Brand

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Not all Americans can afford the finer things in life, but those who have the money for luxury vehicles are buying BMWs. This well-known automaker recently announced its sales figures for 2011. It claimed the top spot for the number of vehicles sold over popular competitors like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. All luxury vehicles come with certain distinctive and desirable features that set them apart from regular cars and trucks on the market. They contain all kinds of extras that improve the driving experience in a number of ways. Some features provide extra comfort, some provide more precision, and some provide technology to assist drivers with navigation. Each car manufacturer has its own distinct features to offer, but many of them are very similar from one company to another. It may be difficult to say what exactly has caused one company to outsell its competitors.

Many people might accredit the success of BMW to the unique design of its vehicles. The sharp, stylish look of its vehicles makes them easy to identify, even for people who are not car enthusiasts. Many other luxury tours myanmar cars have a somewhat old fashioned and outdated exterior. They look far too similar to cars that were made several years ago, despite the technological advances within. While the older style of some luxury brands helps to attract older consumers, younger car buyers tend to find them boring. BMW vehicles on the other hand, have a style and shape that attracts the young crowd.

Another reason for the success of BMW may be the emphasis on safety. Many of the included features help drivers avoid accidents, and other features protect the car's occupants if there is a crash. Several different car models from this automaker have won safety awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. On many of the cars, the front end is designed to absorb the majority of an impact while the driver and passengers are protected. Another innovation is the "Active Knee Protection", a special airbag that protects the driver's and front passenger's knees from injury during a collision. Features like the "Head Up Display" and "Night Vision" offer additional safety by enabling the driver to see crucial information without looking down and anticipate pedestrians in the road before they are clearly visible.

This luxury automaker also achieves much of its success through outstanding marketing. The company manufactures several different vehicles that are easy to distinguish from each other. The cars made by other companies can sometimes be hard to tell apart. This carmaker attracts a variety of customers by manufacturing many different lines of vehicles that appeal to different types of consumers. It also utilizes some unique advertising strategies that help attract buyers. This year, the luxury brand will focus advertisements on the well-known phrase, "the ultimate driving machine", to emphasize that all BMWs possess excellent driving capabilities and technological innovations. This type of advertising is much different from the kinds of ads most companies run. Even though each model is different in design and style, they can all offer an incredible driving experience. The success of this luxury auto manufacturer will probably continue to grow thanks to its distinctive style, innovations, and marketing.