Herbal Medicine For Common Illnesses

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Wise up, darling. You've got skills, talents, life experience, passions, and even obsessions that make you YOU, and it's time to cash in on them. Get off that boring, stifling career track and make a U-turn into what you REALLY want to do and what makes you happy! A dream life is within reach if you will just find your passion and connect it with your expertise.

With the 24/7 global economy, it is not surprising that many people think that they can do away with sleep in order to do supposedly more important things. What they do realize later is that if they have slept better during the night and had sufficient rest, they could do more during the daytime.

Aloe Vera to Treat Burns. Aloe Vera is for minor burns. You may snip off a thick leaf of the Aloe Vera and slit it open. Scoop out the gel from the leaf and apply it to the burn part of your skin. It is necessary for you to keep a potted Aloe in your kitchen so that whenever you get burned, you can just peel off an Aloe Vera part for your burn.

Normally, "Chinese Herbal Medicine+Stem Cell Transplant" can improve kidney function in a large degree, which gives patients a chance to avoid dialysis.

The number one factor for age spots is over exposure to the sun. That's why you will find that age spots commonly occur in the skin areas most exposed to the sun like the face, hands and shoulders. The UV rays of the sun increase the melanin content in our skin which in turn leads to the development of the age spots.

Liver DetoxificationDue to the important functions the liver has, it is popularly known as "the body's laboratory." Liver cleansing is always made after cleansing the intestine. The treatment is simple. In the first two days, enema has to be carried out. On the third day, apply a bottle with warm water in the liver area and then take there spoons of olive oil, every 15 minutes, followed by three spoons of lemon juice. During this period of detoxification, it is recommended to have a vegetarian diet. This procedure is performed four times in the first year, and subsequently only once every year.

To be honest, I noticed in my research that this herbal medicine is perfect for getting rid of the flu, but nothing more than that. I do keep some boneset close to me in case I do come down with any kind of flu. It's only common sense. But I didn't see reason for trying this herb out just yet.

Nature's answer? A very humble weed, the kind of weed that we don't want in our garden. We call it in our native dialect as "Salingkapaw." Internationally, it is known as the Australian asthma weed, snake weed, and cat's hair. We can find it anywhere, where there is useless weed, there is Salingkapaw. The effect of the weed against dengue includes boosting the immune system, increasing platelet tempat beli fiforlif counts, and being able to stop hemorrhage and bleeding. We boil it until the leaves and stem turn to brown. Let it cool and it's ready to roll. Drink plenty of it and it will immediately neutralize the white blood cells. We have proven it time and again that even some doctors recommend it.